"Ricardo Ernst and Jerry Haar make a compelling case that three transformative forces―globalization, competitiveness and governability―are collectively impacting the 21st century business environment and especially disrupting technology, supply chains, and financial services."
César Cernuda, President, Microsoft Latin America

"Our executives have found Dr. Haar’s executive development seminars to be timely and relevant to their day to day work and future planning."
Carlos Garcia, Novartis

"Dr. Haar is a charismatic individual whom I have worked with in the past on various occasions. Most recently, we sat on a panel together where he shared his in-depth knowledge of the Latin American market. His expertise in the region makes him a reliable and trusted source on subjects related to the international community."
Romaine Seguin, President UPS International, Inc. Americas Region

"Jerry Haar is a leading expert on business in Latin America and a most engaging public speaker"
Anna Szterenfeld, Economist Intelligence Unit

'Dr. Haar is a masterful consultant whose assistance to our clients has proven invaluable."
Ramiro Prudencio, Burson-Marsteller

"I have known Dr Haar for the better part of the last decade and have had the pleasure of working with him on multiple companies and endeavors--most recently as he was executive director of FIU's global entrepreneurship center where I am chair of the advisory board. Dr Haar is an international business and entrepreneurship subject-matter expert with an uncanny ability to interact successfully with US and international corporate audiences. His impressive network of business associates, partners and connections are due to his exemplary business consulting and leadership ability. I have enjoyed working with Dr Haar on complex projects and look forward to working with him in any capacity in the future."
Mike Tomas, President & CEO, Bioheart Inc.

"Dr. Haar firmly grasps and effectively presents the economic and political issues that impact corporate operations in global markets."
Rui da Costa, Hewlett-Packard

"Jerry Haar has an uncanny sense of market competitiveness and a mastery of international business strategy. He has helped our region immeasurably."
Ben Mansoor, Wendys

"I have had the benefit of multiple professional interactions with Jerry while in my role of leading the medical device business for Medtronic in Latin America. He has been consistently insightful and impactful as a result of his strong business acumen, as well as his deep knowledge of the complex business issues in Latin America. Jerry has both the knowledge as well as the self-confidence to ask the difficult questions, to make the appropriate connections, and to provide helpful recommendations. I have come to rely on his advice, and continue to benefit from hearing his opinions and ideas."
James Hogan, President, Latin America, Medtronic

“A skillful contribution to the ongoing debate over how to achieve competitiveness.”
Luis Alberto Moreno, President, Inter-American Development Bank, on Can Latin America Compete?

“This book fills a vacuum in development thinking and business strategies…”
Gustavo Cisneros, Cisneros Group of Companies, on Winning Strategies for the New Latin Markets

"Prof. Jerry Haar is one of the most knowledgeable academics and consultants in the field of international business, with a focus on emerging markets (particularly Latin America), innovation, global marketing and entrepreneurship. As a scholar, teacher, adviser to companies and investor, Prof. Haar is steeped in a broad range of business practice--strategy, leadership, marketing, management and entrepreneurship. He possesses a strong sense of ethics, dedication to serving students and clients, and is one of the most congenial, helpful and collaborative colleagues I have ever known. Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business is proud to have him on our team as a senior research fellow.
Ricardo Ernst, Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

"I have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Jerry Haar for over a decade - in fact, we co-wrote and co-edited a book together. We have also joined forces on consulting assignments for mutual corporate clients, speaking engagements to business audiences and academic projects.

Jerry is a rare find in the confluence of business and academia. He has the intellectual rigor and integrity of an academic but is equally blessed with the savvy and business acumen of a first class strategic consultant who really understands how businesses operate and what drives good management.

Unlike most of his contemporaries in either consulting and academia, Jerry is refreshingly direct, honest, witty and poignant in his opinions. It is little wonder that CEOs and other leaders so enjoy his company and his thought leadership. In a world where honest opinions hide behind the curtains of fear (fear of litigation, fear of political correctness, etc.), the world needs more like Jerry Haar - informed leaders who are unafraid to speak their minds."
John Price, Managing Director at Americas Market Intelligence

"I had the pleasure of working for Dr. Haar on numerous occasions and in various capacities while I was at FIU. I was always able to rely on his sound advice, support, and leadership to ensure the effectiveness of the College's international programs. Dr. Haar always demonstrated a willingness to support program efforts despite the great lengths required to ensure success."
Carmen Algeciras Vadia, International Operations Management Consultant

Accolades and Testimonials