Global advisory services, research and corporate presentations, supported by a team of highly experienced consultants, include:

  • Political, economic and business outlooks.
    Comprehensive assessments of regions and countries—especially emerging markets—as they may impact the client’s industry, firm, and product lines.

  • Competitive intelligence and market research.
    Customized analyses of competitors’ products and services as well as evaluations of current and potential market opportunities for the client’s firm.

  • Market entry strategies for the U.S. and foreign markets.
    Guidance for companies and entrepreneurs on how to achieve success in exporting/importing, investing, financing, and licensing.

  • Strategy development and implementation.
    Collaboration with the client’s senior management team to plan, design, organize, implement, and monitor strategies to achieve sustainable success for the company.

  • Productivity improvement.
    Helping enterprises to increase output/lower input while continuously improving quality via Six Sigma and other techniques and processes.

  • Change management.
    Working with organizations and its employees to define and execute procedures and technologies to successfully handle, and profit, from changes in the business environment.

  • Small business development.
    Assisting small business on increasing performance in international operations, sales, marketing, and new product/services development.

  • Family business.
    Advising family firms on issues of governance, succession planning, and conflict resolution.